Chad Savage is a dark artist and visual designer who has been in the service of all things sinister and spooky since his first Halloween. His illustrations have appeared in/on numerous books and magazines, his custom-made horror fonts are ubiquitous and if you've been to a haunted attraction recently, there's a very real chance that he designed their marketing materials and website.

ShopSinister.com is Chad's official online store, where you can purchase his original paintings and drawings, art prints, pins, patches, stickers, t-shirts, apparel & more!

If you're looking for Chad's graphic/web design company Sinister Visions, click HERE.

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Over 100 Original Drawings & Paintings Added!

Over 100 Original Drawings & Paintings Added!

I just added over 100 original drawings & paintings to the "Original Drawings" section and the "Original Paintings" section.

Raptor 2, 3 and 4 Now Available!

Raptor 2, 3 and 4 Now Available!

The first in Chad Savage's RAPTOR series was painted in 1992 [not pictured]. Raptor 2-5 are now available as signed & numbered prints - just s...
Gruss vom Krampus!

Gruss vom Krampus!

Greetings from Krampus! This is the first painting/drawing of Krampus (2020) I've done in a few years; I went for a more primitive, rough look - I ...

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