Brainspiders 1 Original Painting

Brainspiders 1 Original Painting

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In 2004, my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was pressing on her Occipital Lobe. As such, it caused her to experience loss of sight in her lower left eye. She had surgery to have the tumor removed and, for a while, the swelling from the procedure continued to put pressure on her O.L., which has to do with vision. The result was hallucinations; when you lose vision, your brain tends to try to fill in the missing data and, much like dreams, apparently it pulls that data from really weird parts of your subconscious. My wife described seeing some very strange things at the periphery of her left eye, the most common being what she described as "geometric spiders" and "Jacob's Ladder-like fluctuations".

Pretty creepy. So I painted them.

Watercolor on board, 16" x 20".

Please note that the Sinister Visions watermark *does not* appear on the actual painting (the Savage written signature does).